Saturday, February 9, 2019

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee and great tunage. (Crank it up!)

African coffee is known for being a true gourmet coffee experience.  Arabica beans have a reputation for being rich, full-bodied, medium to dark roasted, and of course, exceptional in sharp flavors and thick, toasty aromas. Look to Africa for a truly rewarding coffee experience! I love Yiracheffe Coffee myself. Mixed with good music past and present, a little CBD oil and some deep breaths and thoughtful pondering and we are good to go. So my musical meanderings are like a coffee blend. Sometimes deep in flavour and often with an uplifting feel. Always leave time to stop, relax, stretch, meditate in ones day for sure! Today I look out at the bright blue skies and my eyes go to the horizon as I listen to Rossy and Fela Kuti and other great musicians and share with you the timeless selections on the Groovasmique rotation. Not your regular commercial repeat of 54 tracks but a morphing of between 3000-15000 tunes of mainly African Vibes along with some Global Grooves to add a little spice! Simply I am a deeply passionate soul sharing my love of music and wishing to pass on just a little so that maybe someone will check out these oldies and goodies. I have always loved delving in record stores and finding music that still passes the test of time. Recordings of scratchy vinyl to modern digital (I know what I prefer!)......and it is an infinite hobby! Keep Grooving and have an open mind. I am barely touching the surface of what I would or could play in a DJ/Radio/Dance show. Feedback has me leaning to more Upbeat. As ever I look forward to hearing from yaz!  Cheers Ztan

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